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Voices from Infosec with Jennifer Leggio

Here is a brief outline of our discussion with Jennifer Leggio

Our discussion with Jennifer begins with some questions about how the industry has evolved despite the tumultuous threat landscape, and how defenders can stay on top of these changes and challenges. We also covered Jennifer’s predictions for the coming years, which technologies and threats are more pressing, as well as current trends that are “flashes in the pan”. Perhaps one of our favorite moments in this episode is Jennifer’s outlook on bots, which they name “the jelly shoes of security!”.

Jennifer lit up (we assume, oh the beauty of podcasting) when discussing their dream to be a “Chief Do No Harm Officer”, a position that doesn’t yet exist, but educates and informs both business leaders and security professionals. This role would teach business leaders how to collaborate with security teams and researchers, as well as work with security professionals to demonstrate what they can do to help the business that protects their credibility as well as users everywhere. This conversation dovetailed rather nicely into a tête-à-tête around diversity in security and the dreaded imposter syndrome. Jennifer’s advice in this arena was especially inspiring and actionable.

Finally, Jennifer and Emily touched on areas for improvement for communicating with users, as well as strategies to tackle the skills shortage. Throughout this episode, keep an ear out for Jennifer’s sharp wit, and helpful advice. Emily and myself loved speaking with Jennifer, and we hope you’ll enjoy our special bonus episode. A big thanks to Jennifer for taking time to discuss all things infosec!

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