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Voices from Infosec with Liz

Here is a brief outline of our discussion with Liz

The interview kicks off with some questions regarding Liz’s path to infosecurity, continues with a discussion on the differences between the public and private sector, and ends with challenges Liz sees for the industry as well as some fun they’ve had along the way.

A common misconception, in our humble opinion, is the expectation that security professionals can only break into the space from a specific background. Liz’s commentary on their own professional development highlights how their “atypical” background is actually one of their many strengths. Sean and Emily also pick Liz’s brain on trends, things Liz wants to improve, and what they enjoy most about being in cybersecurity.

Throughout this episode, you’ll hear a lot of helpful advice for junior security professionals, recommendations for mentorship, and an important conversation about diversity in infosecurity. We hope you enjoy this special bonus episode! A special thanks to Liz for taking the time to have this great discussion!

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