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Voices from Infosec with Zoe Rose

Here is a brief outline of our discussion with Zoe Rose

As one might imagine, there are some nuanced challenges for cybersecurity consultants relative to in-house security work. This is exactly what Tarik and I cover at the beginning of this episode. Zoe outlines processes and experiences that were effective, and others that weren’t. She also describes security consulting work as a translator between the business and techs. Her goal is to bridge the gap between the business and security side to ensure the long term impact of the program itself.

Another topic of conversation was Zoe’s personal experience in the security space. When she started her career, information security didn’t exist. At 19, she was an IT manager, and very few high level IT professionals were educated on security. At this point, Zoe took it upon herself to teach those around her. This led her to network architecture and network security, Zoe later transitioned from information security to cybersecurity, to security through professional and personal lives.

Last but not least, Zoe expressed the evolution of hearing NSFW comments at work, to being accepted as an expert in the industry. She’s traveled internationally to speak at conferences, and was also recognized in Vogue in 2017. She is also heavily involved in organizations to strategies to protect yourself. I’ve included a few resources Zoe mentioned below. A special thanks to Zoe for taking time out of her busy schedule to speak with Tarik and myself! We hope you enjoy this special bonus episode, as we had a wonderful time working with Zoe.

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