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A Guide to DNSDB Scout API Endpoints

DNSDB Scout® is a GUI for the DNSDB® API. Available in all popular web browsers via a website or browser extension, it supports all of the major features of the DNSDB API.

DNSDB Scout can be configured to use a specific DNSDB API server Endpoint. The purpose of this guide is to explore all of the available API Endpoint features.

Setting an API Endpoint

By default, DNSDB Scout is configured to use Farsight’s primary DNSDB API host,

Private deployments of DNSDB Scout for Export may use a different API Endpoint by default, but it can always be changed locally within your web browser.

To change your API Endpoint first go to the Options page. The Options page is accessible via the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner.

Open the Advanced section of the page. Within the Advanced section is a subsection dedicated to all API Endpoint related settings.

The currently set API Endpoint will be pre-filled in the field. Enter a different API Endpoint host and then click the Save Endpoint button to set it.

The protocol for an API Endpoint is always assumed to be https and cannot be set to a different one. If nothing is entered into the field upon clicking the Save Endpoint button it will default to or a different preset if you are using a DNSDB Scout for Export instance.

Upon saving the API Endpoint a connection and quota check will be performed. If there are any problems reaching the new API Endpoint then they will be displayed at the top of the screen in the connection and quota display area.

If there are no issues in reaching the new API Endpoint then your normal quota information will be displayed and you can start making DNSDB queries over on the main Dashboard.

DNSDB Export Mode

DNSDB Scout can be used with DNSDB Export instances, and it may even be deployed as DNSDB Scout for Export with a preconfigured API Endpoint for a specific DNSDB Export instance.

To switch DNSDB Scout’s Export Mode either check or uncheck the DNSDB Export Instance option within the API Endpoint settings and then click the Save Endpoint button.

Note: Some DNSDB Export instances may only support APIv1, while others may only support APIv2. Additionally, your DNSDB Export instance may only be accessible while on certain networks. Please check with your Export instance operater regarding API versioning and provisioned access.

Setting a Different API Version

DNSDB Scout supports both of the currently available DNSDB API versions, v1 and v2. By default, most versions of DNSDB Scout will use v2.

Broadly, v1 lacks Flexible Search and additional improvements made by the SAF Protocol used by v2. Responses from v1 servers are slightly different than those from v2 servers. Some DNSDB API servers only support v1, so you will need to switch DNSDB Scout to v1 mode in order to use those servers.

If you are using as your API Endpoint then v2 is strongly encouraged over v1.

For more details about the differences between APIv1 and APIv2 please refer to the Farsight DNSDB API Documentation.

To switch DNSDB Scout to v1 mode select the APIv1 radio option within the API Endpoint settings and then click the Save Endpoint button.

You can switch DNSDB Scout back to v2 mode by selecting the APIv2 option and re-saving your API Endpoint settings.


For more information about DNSDB API versioning please see refer to the Farsight DNSDB API Documentation