Close-up of a computer screen displaying rows of blue code with functions and variables highlighted in white, reflecting digital data and programming concepts.

2020 Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Malware

In 2019, we’ve experienced more remote access attacks, sophisticated nation state campaigns, and critical breaches. With all of that said, the tried and true threats of ransomware and phishing haven’t gone by the wayside. So what will 2020 bring, and what can be done to prevent the next wave of cyber attacks?

Join subject matter experts from DomainTools in a lively discussion of what’s next for information security. Security Engineer, Chad Anderson, Senior Data Scientist, John “Turbo” Conwell, Senior Security Advisory, Corin Imai, and Senior Security Engineer & Malware Researcher, Tarik Saleh will conduct a round-table discussion on their information security predictions. Highlights include:

  • DNS over HTTPs (DoH): Privacy Pros or Security Woes?
  • 2020: A Year in DeepFake Waters
  • Machine Learning Will Categorically Change Red Teaming and Research
  • A Cloud of Suspicion Over Cloud Security
  • The Emergence of Automation in Security Engineers’ Responsibility (A Sec-sy Topic)
  • RIP PowerShell Attacks (Attacker’s Scaling up Use of C#)
  • Undone by a Breach: The Erosion of User Trust