Digital illustration of a blue network grid with numerous glowing dots connected by lines, simulating a high-tech data network with particles raining down.

2021: We've Made a Hash of it

2020 hasn’t pulled any punches, especially when it comes to challenges faced by the infosecurity community. Not only have security teams worked tirelessly to keep their customers and fellow employees secure in our new “remote-forward” world, but there have also been countless ransomware attacks targeting hospitals in the midst of a global pandemic. So the question many of us are asking ourselves is, “What will 2021 bring?” And, how can we do our best to prepare ourselves before the next worst thing occurs?

Join subject matter experts from DomainTools for a lively discussion on what to expect in the coming year. VP of Product, Jackie Abrams; Senior Security Researcher, Chad Anderson; Principal Data Scientist, John “Turbo” Conwell; and Chief Technology Officer, James Reynolds will conduct a roundtable discussion on their information security predictions. Highlights include:

  • Blurred lines of the cyber realm and the kinetic space
  • COVID-19 vaccine-related fraud
  • Impact of remote work on security
  • Internet and its effect on our democracy
  • Future of disinformation
  • New normal for ransomware: double extortion
  • Forced evolution of APTs due to public attribution