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Applying DomainTools Intelligence Inside of IBM QRadar

Adversary infrastructure intelligence is key for incident responders, threat hunters, and other SOC professionals. DomainTools customers rely on our domain name and DNS intelligence to triage and analyze events within SIEM platforms.

With the DomainTools App for IBM QRadar, security practitioners have access to better context on domain names to automate the event detection and incident handling processes.

In this webinar, DomainTools Senior Product Manager of Product Integrations, Sourin Paul, and QRadar Offering Manager, Sophia McCarthy, will discuss how IBM QRadar and DomainTools customers can:

  • Leverage the Threat Hunting dashboard to assess risk and expose malicious activity
  • Bulk enrich domains for use in log searches, creation of offenses, or custom AQL rules
  • Proactively monitor potentially malicious domains prior to weaponization