A digital illustration of a complex network featuring interconnected points and lines, with glowing nodes and a dark background, symbolizing data connectivity and technological networks.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Applied to Infosec

All the hype around AI and Machine Learning (ML) and its application in Infosec is enough to make you ignore it, but that would be a mistake. The hype is an issue; a recent report from a venture capital firm says that 40% of startups that’s claiming to use AI don’t actually use the technology.

But AI and ML are real and are being used in infosec to do some pretty cool things. I’ve found a specific example I look forward to showing you in this real training for free event.

First though, we will provide an introduction to artificial intelligence and ML and differentiate them. AI and ML are not the same. ML having a bigger impact and being put to work in infosec right now.

Here’s a short list of topics we’ll discuss:

  • What are AI and ML and how are they different?
  • How can you identify technologies that really use ML and those that just claim to for marketing purposes?
  • What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning?