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Defeating Adaptive Adversaries Using Passive DNS

Build Your Intelligence with Passive DNS

Summer is typically the time of year when life slows down for both consumers and corporations—except this year. As the world begins to re-open, we can expect the economy—and cybercriminal activity—to go into overdrive. As we saw throughout the pandemic, cyber adversaries adapt easily to changing business conditions. While certain advanced cyber threats, such as ransomware, grab headlines, most attacks remain stealth to steal enterprise credentials, financial assets and so much more.

In this 30-minute webinar, Daniel Schwalbe, VP of Engineering at Farsight Security and Taylor Wilkes-Pierce, Sales Engineer Lead at DomainTools will:

  • Provide a brief overview of the changing threat landscape
  • Share how adversaries may be adapting their attacks and techniques
  • Demonstrate how historical passive DNS can be used to quickly identify these adaptations and build intelligence about possible malicious activity in your enterprise