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Discover and Block Lookalike Domains Before They are Weaponized, with Iris Detect

Introducing DomainTools Iris Detect

DomainTools is excited to introduce an exciting new technology for detecting and tracking domains that spoof legitimate properties online. Built on the world’s largest database of domain and DNS information in the world, Iris Detect catches domains spoofing your brand, globally, in near-real time. The inclusion of screenshots and the DomainTools Risk Score help you make fast decisions about which domains represent the largest threat. And, unlike other brand protection tools, Iris Detect continues to watch any domains you flag as suspicious, picking up signals of “weaponization” that could indicate the domain is about to be used for malicious purposes. Join Principal Product Manager Grant Cole and Security Evangelist Tim Helming for an overview, demonstration, and question and answer session to learn:

  • How Iris Detect’s discovery engine finds spoof domains faster than any other technology
  • How you can use Iris Detect across the whole lifecycle of a malicious domain
  • How you can take enforcement actions to protect users against malicious domains directly from Iris Detect