Domain Hotlist: Guarding Against Emerging Threats

According to the 2019 SANS Incident Response Survey, a key metric to determine how well your incident response team is handling its duties is time from detection to remediation. One of the critical challenges to ensuring success for IR teams is identifying or detecting domains that are most likely to pose a threat at any given time—before they cause damage. To enable you to focus on your blocking and detection efforts, we are proud to announce Domain Hotlist. This is a predictive, prioritized, and easily consumable block list that identifies active, high-risk domains.

In this webinar, join DomainTools VP of Product, Jackie Abrams and Principal Data Scientist John “Turbo” Conwell to learn how Domain Hotlist equips security professionals to proactively guard against emerging, relevant threats. By identifying the highest-risk domains based on pDNS activity and predictive machine-learning classifications, Domain Hotlist helps security organizations evolve from reactive mitigation to advanced defense.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Strategies to integrate Domain Hotlist into your current workflow
  • Popular use cases for Domain Hotlist
  • How Domain Hotlist has helped Quad9 block nearly 36 million DNS requests to bad domains