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DomainTools 2024 Infosecurity Forecast

What Malicious Tactics Might Reign Supreme in 2024?

While it’s not possible to predict the future, what we can do is look at the trends and data we have from malicious actors to make inferences on what could occur in the future to maintain a proactive and defensive stance. 

Join subject matter experts from DomainTools for a lively discussion on what to expect in the coming year. VP of Research and Data Sean McNee, CISO Daniel Schwalbe, and Security Evangelist Tim Helming will conduct a roundtable discussion on their information security predictions. Highlights include:

  • Discussion from last year’s predictions: what came to fruition and what didn’t
  • The continued growth and ubiquity of ChatGPT/LLMs
  • The 2024 election and possible USPS smishing campaigns and disinformation
  • Possible supply chain breakdowns surrounding the Ukraine/Russia war
  • Deep fakes and the potential impact on international diplomacy