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DomainTools Demisto-fied: Orchestrating Incident Response

Organizations are quick in adopting SOAR solutions for their core benefit of orchestrating and automating the incident response process. By synthesizing data from different sources such as firewalls, IDS, SIEM, UEBA, and threat intelligence, SOAR can automate the majority of repetitive, manual tasks that bedevil Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams.

With the DomainTools and Demisto integration organizations can:

  • Access DomainTools intelligence inside of Demisto for manual enrichment and automated investigations
  • Eliminate context switching with the ability to perform interactive investigations
  • Reduce reaction time when extracting and containing potential harmful information from malicious payloads
  • Combat significant threats when automating the triage and investigation of malicious traffic

Join Sourin Paul, Senior Product Integrations Manager at DomainTools, and Pramukh Ganeshamurthy, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Demisto, to see how combining the power of Demisto Enterprise and DomainTools Iris Investigate API provides better quality intelligence, improved operational efficiency, and faster incident response.