How DomainTools and Splunk>Phantom Work in Harmony so you can SOAR

How DomainTools and Splunk>Phantom Work in Harmony so you can SOAR

Cybersecurity as an industry is seeing an ever-widening skills gap. As roles go unfilled, practitioners find themselves increasingly unable to meet the needs of their organizations in terms of security posture and maturity. Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response has the ability to help organizations with security processes, automation of specific actions, and intelligently inform teams, with the end goal of efficiency.

With the new features that DomainTools has built into Splunk Phantom, organizations are able to leverage this integration for purpose-built work with the Iris Investigate API. The rich Iris dataset is available not only for ad-hoc research on specific incidents in Splunk Phantom, but also for automated actions in Splunk Phantom playbooks.

In this webinar, learn:

  • How organizations are leveraging DomainTools for Splunk Phantom for Incident Response, IoC Hunting, Network Access Control, and Intelligence Sharing
  • How to get the Single Pane of Glass in Splunk Phantom with DomainTools’ Domain and DNS-based adversary intelligence
  • Where to leverage Domain Risk Score to automate workflows

Join Mark Kendrick, Director of Product Integrations at DomainTools, for this 30 minute webinar.