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How Proactive Threat Hunting Techniques Can Help Stop Malware and Phishing Attacks

Why are we still talking about phishing and malware in 2020? Because the strategy still works and very well. But with malware morphing into new threats to evade detection, what strategies can you put in place to help your security teams get ahead of malware and phishing threats?

In this educational webinar, you will walk away knowing:

  • The types of malware and the role phishing plays in the distribution of it;
  • Best practices security teams use to head malware off at the pass;
  • How Threat Intelligence can be applied in proactive threat detection practices;
  • How to leverage domain monitoring threat intel to protect your brand from malware and phishing threats on the horizon; and
  • How to leverage DomainTools Iris DNS Forensics Database in your proactive threat hunting tactics.