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How to Effectively Architect Threat Intelligence Infrastructure

Mature Your Cyber Threat Intelligence Program

As reported by SANS in the 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Report, CTI is no longer reserved for the top 1% of organizations. And with mounting evidence of the benefits of CTI for security organizations at all levels of maturity, it can be especially challenging to balance and prioritize the three pillars of threat intelligence; people, process, and technology.

Join Senior Security Researcher, Chad Anderson, and special guest, Brian Kime, to learn how to evaluate your organization’s needs in a way that is specific to your threat landscape. This talk will focus on building a security architecture to harness your threat intelligence that will get your security organization 80% of the way there at 20% of the cost so you can continue to invest in your number one asset, your people.

In this webinar will include:

  • A refresher on the intelligence cycle from planning and direction to dissemination
  • Critical information on how to build an effective program that supports stakeholders across the organization
  • Supporting assets to help you map out your organization’s maturity
  • An interactive component where presenters will map out cyber threat scenarios solicited from the audience