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How to Elevate Your Threat Intelligence Program

According to the SANS 2020 Cyber Threat Intelligence Survey, 82% of organizations find value in threat intelligence, however, only 4% of respondents had processes in place to measure effectiveness. This gap illustrates a critical disconnect between stakeholders and practitioners and raises the question: how do you demonstrate and quantify the value of your threat intelligence program? Thought leaders including Brian Kime of Forrester and Katie Nickels of SANS often note that it is necessary to understand your key intelligence questions and set priorities for intelligence requirements to close this gap and support a successful and efficient threat intelligence program.

Bridging this divide is oftentimes what separates immature security organizations from sophisticated teams and programs. To this end, join guest speaker Brian Kime, senior analyst at Forrester, and Tim Helming, Security Evangelist at DomainTools, to learn how to maximize the value from your threat intelligence, demonstrate its relevance, and reveal its ROI.

This webinar will cover:

  • The threat intelligence cycle
  • Four qualities of good threat intelligence
  • Three levels of intelligence (tactical, operational, and strategic)