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On-Demand Training

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Updates and Enhancements to the DomainTools App for Cortex XSOAR

With the DomainTools App for Cortex XSOAR, security teams can automate the incident response process with expanded Internet infrastructure data to reduce reaction time spent triaging incoming malicious traffic. New capabilities enable proactive monitoring for suspicious infrastructure targeting your organization, enabling you to stay ahead of threat actors, reducing your overall risk exposure. 

The latest updates and enhancements to the DomainTools App for Cortex XSOAR represent our most significant update to the new app in years, including new commands, expanded result sets, and playbooks enabling users to better automate and streamline their threat hunting processes and incident response capabilities. In this upcoming live demonstration, VP of Product, Dan Nunes and Security Evangelist Tim Helming will share how users can: 

  • Automatically enrich hundreds of indicators with DomainTools data and risk scoring
  • Discover connected infrastructure of interest
  • Proactively stay ahead of new infrastructure, identifying new related domains within moments of their creation