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It’s Not Finished: The Evolving Maturity In Ransomware Operations

The Evolution and Maturity of Ransomware

Ransom demands are becoming larger, attackers smarter, and intrusions longer. Ransomware threat actors are hitting European companies hard with more effective ransomware deployment resulting in devastating impacts to victim organizations. When they strike, their ransomware deployments are more complete, more effective, and they are crippling many organizations to the point where there is often no clear path back to business.

We will be sharing trade craft we’ve seen ransomware threat actors employ across Europe in 2020. We cover how we’re seeing ransomware crews leverage high-profile critical vulnerabilities to gain footholds in as many victims networks as possible, only to come back weeks or even months later to leverage those footholds into full-scale ransomware deployments.

Not only are intrusion tactics improving, but attackers are also transitioning and developing sleek ransomware-as-a-service platforms. Threat actors are professionalizing and streamlining their platforms. These platforms are being used by threat actors to generate malware, to communicate and negotiate with victims, and in some cases, for payment processing and decryption utility delivery.

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