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Making Threat Intelligence Actionable with DomainTools and Bandura Cyber

The dynamic and continually evolving nature of cyber threats can be cumbersome and overwhelming for an organization’s security technologies and teams. A few months ago organizations were seeing an increase in nation-state threats, today it is more COVID-19 related threats. Arming NetOps and SecOps professionals with predictive threat intelligence is imperative to bolstering cyber defenses and reducing the risk associated with these dynamic threats.

However, even with all the data available, without a means to prioritize and take action, organizations are still left vulnerable. The key to success is assessing the risk, aggregating, integrating, and taking action on threat intelligence. But how?

In this educational webinar, our security experts will explore:

  • How DomainTools creates actionable domain threat intelligence
  • How predictive domain risk scoring can help organizations block malicious domains before they are operationalized
  • How the Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Firewall platform makes DomainTools cyber threat intelligence actionable by blocking known bad traffic before it hits the network
  • A look at how DomainTools and Bandura Cyber joined forces to mitigate COVID-19 related threats