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Proactive Protection Against Ransomware with CrowdStrike Falcon

Explore DomainTools Integration with CrowdStrike Using Real-World Examples

Current network visibility and breach detection technologies can provide a wealth of information about suspicious or malicious activities within an organization and can identify the domains or IP addresses associated with attacks or data exfiltration.

As organizations are increasingly targeted by illicit ransomware groups, analysts need a way to rapidly assess the risk of new infrastructure as it surfaces. DomainTools integration with CrowdStrike empowers joint customers to profile adversaries and their infrastructure as they are detected within current Falcon workflows, providing predictive context and reducing swivel-chair activities for faster triaging and response.

While dissecting a recent ransomware campaign, learn how to leverage DomainTools Risk Score and DNS intelligence data with the Falcon platform to accelerate IOC assessment and expedite containment and remediation actions without losing context—empowering analysts to make immediate decisions on domain indicators and drastically reduce the response time on domain-related threats

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Contextualize and profile domains inside the Falcon platform with actionable Risk Scores and Threat Profile intelligence to domain indicators
  • Extend your investigations from Falcon without losing context via direct integration into DomainTools Iris
  • Explore a recent ransomware campaign to gain a better understanding of how to uncover components of ransomware hosting infrastructure