Abstract image showing a burst of light with blue and red streaks radiating from a central bright spot against a dark background, creating a dynamic, cosmic feel that evokes the concept of Zero Trust.

Protecting Your Environment From the Unknown: Zero Trust and DomainTools

DomainTools Contribution to the Fulfillment of the Zero Trust Objective 

The concept of Zero Trust is something those in our industry are increasingly hearing, whether because of regulatory guidelines, CISO, guidance, or both. The US Federal/Government agencies have previously entrusted DomainTools for Internet intelligence, and it can play an important role in such initiatives, as connections from the protected environment to unknown (and therefore untrusted) infrastructure represent a genuine and pervasive risk. 

Join us for a live demonstration to show how we help security teams in the government space: 

  • Identify and/or block connections to newly-created domains
  • Build context around adversary-controlled infrastructure
  • Identify clusters of malicious activity based infrastructure patterns
  • Monitor emerging attack campaigns as the adversary develops them