SANS 2020 Threat Hunting Survey: A Panel Discussion

According to past SANS surveys, many organizations aren’t hunting for threats before they become incidents. This year’s SANS Threat Hunting Survey looks at why that is and how security departments can reap the benefits of proactive hunting. For example:

  • How do hunters conduct their searches for signs of a threat or indicators of compromise not yet detected by other security systems?
  • Are they regularly checking on known threats targeting misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities?
  • Do they find value in looking for totally unknown attack types?
  • What type of access do hunters have to detection and response teams and for what purposes?
  • Does their automation match with what the human operators need to assist in their hunts?

This webcast digs more deeply into the results of the SANS 2020 Threat Hunting Survey. Survey authors Mathias Fuchs and Joshua Lemon will discuss key themes that emerged during their analysis of survey results, joined by a panel of sponsor representatives.