Tactics, Techniques, and Victimology: A Look at Phishing in Government Systems

Do Old Tricks Still Work? How Illicit Actors Use Tactics and Techniques To Further Their Agendas

Government systems are one of the most attractive targets for attackers, along with organizations that seek to provide humanitarian aid. The saying is technology changes fast, but bad actors targeting government entities sometimes employ older tactics because the fact is, they still work effectively and large government agencies don’t always have the resources to stay agile against these threats.

DomainTools can simplify and accelerate investigations by extending crucial enrichment data to provide a seamless workflow for cyber security investigators. Join Threat Intelligence Advisor at DomainTools, Kevin Libby, as he explores some of the infrastructure behind an illicit actor who appears to prefer phishing as one of access vectors along with some of the associated payloads delivered to victims.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Examples of tactics and techniques illicit actors have used to further their agendas
  • The purpose of collecting DNS data to defend your systems
  • How DomainTools Iris Detect can provide better situational awareness around adversary infrastructure