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The SolarWinds Incident: What Did We Learn?

Insights Gained from the SolarWinds Incident

In early March, DomainTools published a survey conducted amongst security professionals to better determine the long term effects of the SolarWinds incident and provide the industry with actionable insights. The survey covered topics such as how organizations handled the hack and are assessing risk, how roles were impacted, reallocation of resources and shifting budgets, and what process improvements have been made since the incident occurred.

In this webinar, join Security Evangelist, Tim Helming, to dive deeper into the survey results and demonstrate how threat hunting can help maximize opportunities to detect future supply chain incidents.

This webinar will cover:

  • A brief overview of what we know thus far about the SolarWinds breach
  • Key takeaways from the Impact of the SolarWinds Breach on Cybersecurity survey report
  • The value in DNS when it comes to analyzing and gaining context on outbound traffic