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The World Wide Web of Risk

Top 3 Technical Controls for Mitigating the Risk of Vulnerable 3rd Parties and Business Partners

No organization is an island; everyone has security dependencies on business partners and with the momentum of outsourcing, integrated supply chains and cloud, the increase of third-party risk is accelerating. This interdependency of business relationships means that almost all enterprises share highly sensitive data with entities whose security they do not control. A compromise of any of these entities could cause significant problems for companies and customers alike. 

Many organizations are therefore scrutinizing new business partners as part of their vendor management process in the form of long survey forms regarding the candidate’s cyber security practices. This is a good start but, it’s only a start and at the end of the day, decisions about business partners are seldom influenced by the contents of such surveys. 

In this presentation, Ultimate Windows Security and DomainTools will help assess 3rd party risks and identify the best technical controls for mitigation such as: 

  • Eliminating or reducing copies of data
  • Masking PII
  • Dynamic access control based on real-time risk
  • Leveraging the dark web
  • Modern password risk management
  • Detection of attacker infrastructure