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Transform Your Investigations with DomainTools and Maltego

Did you know that DomainTools and Maltego can simplify and accelerate investigations by extending crucial enrichment data to provide a seamless workflow for cyber security investigators?

Join cyber security Subject Matter Expert at Maltego, Mario Rojas, and Threat Intelligence Advisor at DomainTools, Kevin Libby, to learn how DomainTools and Maltego can speed up your investigations and help you make better decisions about the threats on your network.

DomainTools and Maltego have simplified cyber investigations by surfacing the most relevant data points for pivoting. During this webinar we’ll cover how investigators can transform a domain name from any source into a comprehensive set of entities, connections, and dynamic properties to reveal actors, surface infrastructure, and highlight risk using real-world investigations.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • DomainTools and Maltego have simplified and expedited investigations by extending crucial enrichment data
  • To map connected infrastructure, run correlations, look at attribution, and highlight risky domains
  • To conduct investigations with real world examples leveraging both DomainTools and Maltego