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Turning the Tables: Exploiting Attacker Dependence on Malicious DNS

Learn How to Track Malicious Infrastructure

Sometimes it seems like the bad guys have the upper hand, but the more we study their techniques, the more opportunities we find to exploit weak spots or dependencies on the attacker side. Advanced attackers have the patience and motivation to play the long game, but the good news is that we can take advantage of that.

In this webinar, Randy Franklin-Smith and Taylor Wilkes-Pierce will show you the infrastructure that attackers must set up prior to launching certain advanced attacks against your organization. The more sophisticated the attack the more infrastructure required which increases their own attack surface. Therefore, Taylor Wilkes-Pierce will show you how to leverage this knowledge to:

  • Identify attacks while they are still in the setup stage
  • Take a single element, like a domain name, and pivot on it to discover the rest of the infrastructure
  • How to take advantage of understanding malicious infrastructure to stay a step ahead of attackers