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Using a TIP to Stay Ahead of Advanced Adversaries

The Power of DomainTools and ThreatConnect

CISOs are on record that one of the biggest concerns they have is that cyber threat actors are constantly developing more sophisticated tools, techniques, and procedures (TTP) which are outpacing even the most advanced security solutions.

Keeping pace with these adversaries—and specifically with the adversaries that matter most to your particular organization—requires a focus on cyber threat intelligence. Without this focus, this core security concern will remain for years to come. Knowing the who, what, where, how, and when of the adversaries’ actions is the only way to decrease their chances of success. But the volume of intelligence is so massive that tracking and understanding adversarial actions can be overwhelming.

The DomainTools Iris Investigation platform highlights broad-ranging connections between registration and infrastructure data to map threats and threat actor activity. Coupled with a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), an organization can effectively manage the flood of data from external and internal sensors. ThreatConnect and DomainTools work together to protect the world’s largest organizations.

Join us on September 14, 2021, for a discussion of how our Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can help you analyze threat intelligence rapidly, automate actions, and then produce tactical, operational, and strategic threat intelligence all in one place.

In this workshop, we will explore how:

  • Aggregate: How DomainTools data, coupled with ThreatConnect’s platform allows for the aggregation, normalization, and enrichment of threat data, whether external threat intelligence or internal security operations intelligence
  • Analyze: How the DomainTools Pivot Engine alongside ThreatConnect’s Collective Analytics Layer (CAL) provides threat intelligence analysts a direct window into ground-truth operational data. Together, an analyst can benefit from over 2 decades of domain registration and infrastructure history, active analysis and risk scoring on every newly registered domain, 600 million classification labels applied on indicators and more than 5 million daily indicator observations tallies, nearly a billion indicators, and 105 billion DNS resolutions to enable unparalleled analytical capabilities on current and potential threats.
  • Act: How ThreatConnect and DomainTools are changing the way security works by delivering new capabilities to unite intelligence analysts with incident response, security operations, and risk management in your common mission to defend the enterprise from modern cyber threats.
  • ThreatConnect and DomainTools deliver immediate value and force multiplication with built-in use cases around automated domain monitoring, phishing attack analysis and response, search and investigation, tactical threat hunting, and more.