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Enrich Your Investigations With DomainTools Iris for Maltego

Maltego is an open-source intelligence platform leveraged by practitioners for information gathering and data mining, providing a library of transforms for discovery of data from a variety of sources, and a visualization of the information to quickly bubble up relationships between pieces of information. In this webinar, learn how DomainTools and Maltego have simplified and expedited cyber investigations by extending crucial enrichment data (like DNS, Guided Pivots, historical Whois, and SSL certificates) to provide a seamless workflow for both Maltego and DomainTools Iris users.

Join Senior Sales Engineer, Taylor Wilkes-Pierce, to learn how to:

  • Map connected infrastructure, run correlations, look at attribution, highlight risky domains, etc. to surface meaningful insights
  • Increase the chance of intersection with existing graph data from other sources to open up new investigative pathways
  • Quickly identify which graph node to pivot on by consulting the Guided Pivot count present on nearly every entity these transforms act on
  • Conduct investigations with real world examples leveraging both DomainTools and Maltego