Who's that Knocking at the Front Door?

How to Build and Maintain an Effective Cyberthreat-Hunting Team

As online attackers and exploits get more sophisticated, many enterprises are discovering that more traditional, passive methods of detecting cyberthreats aren’t working as well as they used to. To help find and eradicate sophisticated threats more quickly, enterprises are building “threat hunting” programs to actively analyze internal telemetry and external threat intelligence data, and to better prevent the compromise of critical business data.

What goes into building and maintaining a threat hunting program? And how can a security operations team change traditionally passive forensics processes to become more proactive and immediate?

In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • Methods used to create threat hunting programs
  • Ways to staff and resource these programs
  • New tools to help identify and root out sophisticated attackers – including those that can go beyond traditional, first-line incident response