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Introducing Domain Risk Score

There is an abundance of good observation-based threat intelligence available to security teams today. These feeds are valuable for detecting active infrastructure but what do you do about domains that haven’t been observed yet? Reliable prediction of maliciousness is an elusive but valuable goal. Fortunately, the DomainTools data science team has applied machine learning capabilities atop DomainTools’ vast databases of DNS and domain profile information to solve this problem. Learn how our Domain Risk Score identifies domains registered with “malicious intent” before they are weaponized—and how you can apply the scoring for incident response, threat hunting, and proactive blocking of dangerous infrastructure.

Join Director of Product Management Tim Helming and Senior Data Scientist Sean McNee to learn how DomainTools went about building machine learning technology to help you identify high-risk infrastructure that has touched—or attempted to breach—your network.

This webinar will cover:

  • How threat actors use domains
  • How machine learning applies to domain risk information
  • How using Risk Score helps you profile bad domains