Background with codes and fingerprint

SW Fingerprinting Threat Actors: Strategies and Tactics That Work

Organizations are experiencing new and evolving cyber threats that are increasing in both sophistication and frequency. In response to the new challenges, threat hunting is gaining momentum as a security practice that helps organizations take a more proactive stance on security. Many SOCs are going through a posture shift as they pivot from traditional reactive security stance to a hybrid approach that includes proactive hunting of threats that is oftentimes powered by a host of indicators and web assets.

Learn how OODA loops can provide a foundation for implementing tools and techniques to make your threat hunting more effective. John Strand and Paul Asadoorian will share their experiences and perspectives on OODA loops and how they are used today in threat hunting. John and Paul have used the OODA loop concept successfully for years when speaking about the concepts of offensive countermeasures, deception, and techniques used today to discover IoCs in your network.

DomainTools Data Systems Engineer, Mike Thompson joins us to show you how the threat intelligence space is transforming and what techniques security professionals can apply to stay a step ahead of threat actors by mapping their infrastructure.