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Trends in Hotspots of Malicious Internet Activity

With data on over 315 million current domains—the largest such database in existence—DomainTools is uniquely positioned to identify worldwide patterns of malicious or annoying domain usage. Join Tim Helming, Director of Product Management, to learn where concentrations of nefarious activity are found, and how these trends are evolving over time. Specifically, the research presented here focuses on Top Level Domain (TLD), registration patterns (Whois privacy providers and free email providers in Whois records), and IP hosting location. Then, while these are Internet-wide patterns, you’ll learn how to apply similar pattern analysis to threat actors that may be targeting your organization, in order to move from a reactive to a more proactive security posture.

This webinar will cover:

  • Where “hotspots” of nefarious activity occur, by geography as well as by registration details
  • How these hotspots have changed since our first report in 2015
  • How you can use domain data to profile adversaries and move from a reactive to a more proactive posture