RiskIQ End of Life: Consider DomainTools

Instant infrastructure intel based on the world’s best databases of Internet metadata

With the announced end of life of the RiskIQ components of Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence, some security teams are seeking alternatives to MDTI. DomainTools offers a variety of ways to detect, enrich, and investigate domains and IP addresses that may pose a threat to your organization. The Iris and Farsight platforms from DomainTools can support and extend many of the workflows that practitioners carried out in the RiskIQ product suite. 

In this live presentation, Tim Helming and Taylor Wilkes-Pierce of DomainTools will demonstrate:

  • How analysis of adversary infrastructure can pay big dividends in the SOC
  • How DomainTools makes this analysis both straightforward and effective 
  • Why DomainTools has become among the most trusted names in Internet intelligence, with world-class active and passive DNS, infrastructure metadata, and predictive risk scoring

The presentation will include analysis of a current threat campaign to illustrate how you can not just understand, but get ahead of, threat actors creating malicious infrastructure. Please join us!