How do I change the information on my domain's Whois record?


How do I change the information on my domain’s Whois record?

If you want to change contact information in your Whois record you need to contact your Registrar. The Registrar should be able to assist you in changing contact information. Once you have updated the information with your Registrar, the publicly available Whois record will be updated by the Registrar, and the Whois record we show will also update accordingly. In most cases it takes 24-48 hours for information on Whois services to reflect updates.
Our Whois service provides access to the public information service for currently registered domain names. The Whois record is a publicly available record provided by your Registrar based on the information you provided at the time the domain was registered.
ICANN policy requires Registrars to maintain the accuracy of the domain name owners’ contact details in the Whois database: (see ‘Whois Info’ section)
Because this is a live public record, all of the information we display comes from the source Registrar, and we have no ability to alter or change it.

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