Unlocking the Power of Predictive Risk Scoring and Domain Discovery with the DomainTools OEM Program


The overwhelming majority of cyber threats rely on online infrastructure that can be discovered, assessed, and characterized, often before it is weaponized. Cybersecurity vendors seeking to rise above the noise of a crowded marketplace can—and do—leverage unique offerings from DomainTools to help exploit this potential advantage.  

At this OEM-focused event, experts from DomainTools will discuss how DomainTools domain discovery, predictive domain risk scoring, and infrastructure mapping can power differentiated products and services to give vendors the boost that they need to stand out from the crowd. Specific topics will include:

  • The technical underpinnings that allow accurate prediction of risk in new and previously unseen domains
  • How Internet intelligence can form the basis for a variety of defensive and investigative tools
  • The ways in which DomainTools discovers and maps new infrastructure earlier than other sources
  • Examples of ways in which DomainTools data and products are applied in OEM products

The business benefits of an OEM relationship with DomainTools

  • Accurate, broad, and timely data
  • Comprehensive pre-and post-sale support
  • Straightforward licensing structure
  • Flexible partnering options
  • A variety of ways to consume DomainTools data