Indicators Over Cocktails

European Edition

Join Bob Sonneville for the most recent Indicators Over Cocktails adventure, European edition. In this recurring series, tune in for an informal demonstration of DomainTools products with this month’s featured beverage. What’s the format? We won’t be too rigid about it, but you can expect:

  • Exploration of timely, interesting indicators that expose relevant and often still-emerging adversary infrastructure.
  • A medium-depth exploration of one to two specific product features or capabilities.
  • We’ll always include a “so what” at the end, showing you how the developed information can be of use to your colleagues in or adjacent to the SOC.
  • Audience participation: in addition to stirring up the week’s cocktail, you can chat with us and fellow audience members during and after the episode. Come relax, unwind, and break open some evil infrastructure with us!

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