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The DomainTools Report: 2015 Special Edition
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The DomainTools Report: 2015 Special Edition

Earlier this year DomainTools published a report examining concentrations of malicious activity along a multitude of dimensions to identify “hotspots” across the internet. We decided to expand our search for this DomainTools Report supplement- this time seeking concentrations of malicious activity within Bulk Domain Registration Agents or Bulk Domain Resellers in the creation of malicious domains.

The data featured in this report is a result of queries that mined the DomainTools database to identify BDRAs (Bulk Domain Registration Agents), yielding 122 legitimate BDRAs. We then compared these BDRAs against lists of known-malicious domains.

This white paper highlights:

  • Common behaviors of Bulk Domain Registration Agents
  • A real world application of Bulk Domain Registration Agents in a hack
  • Lists of the most malicious Bulk Domain Registration Agents by count, density, and volume and density
  • Quick tips on how to apply this knowledge to your own organization