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Active Defense: 7 Ways to Seize the Initiative and Get Out in Front of Threats

You might be hearing more about implementing an active defense but what does that mean? It conjures images of seek-and-destroy missions against APT actors – where the computers in their stereotypical basement lair start blinking off – or better yet burning up. But active defense in the real world is a bit different. In this real training for free event we’ll explore active defense and show you at least 7 ways you can seize the initiative:

  • Comb the Internet, especially the dark web, to find evidence of planned or active attacks against your organization
  • Real-time, automated response
  • Lacing your on-prem and cloud environments with trip-wires
  • Setting up decoys, time/resource sinks and misdirection
  • Using call-back documents
  • Leveraging technologies like decloak and honeybadger to reveal the real location of attackers
  • Active planning

Some of these push the envelope on what a typical enterprise would/should do but you will definitely find useful things you start doing in your network today.

DomainTools is our sponsor and Security Engineer, Chad Anderson will show you how their technology and data can help you determine if an IOC is a real threat or not and use IOCs to expose the full depth and breadth of an attack targeted against you.