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Introducing Iris Investigate with passive DNS

Cybercrime poses a real, global and persistent threat to business, government, and financial institutions, and is one of the fastest growing economic crimes in the world (PwC). Security teams need increasingly effective and comprehensive products to streamline their important threat intelligence and incident response work.

With this in mind, DomainTools and Farsight Security, Inc. (acquired by DomainTools in 2021), the leaders in DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, are partnering to deliver Farsight’s market-leading DNSDB data via the DomainTools Iris Investigate platform. Farsight DNSDB is the world’s largest historical DNS database, containing more than 13 billion DNS observations. This resource, combined with DomainTools’ comprehensive domain profile data, empowers security analysts to conduct complete investigations within Iris Investigate.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to conduct an effective investigation using domain profile as well as passive DNS data
  • How Iris Investigate’s visualization, aggregation, filtering, and historical tools can help you quickly build a picture of adversary infrastructure and operations
  • How information from Iris Investigate can help immediately secure your organization, discover more about known or suspected incursions, and defend against future moves by threat actors