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Mapping Connected Infrastructure with ThreatConnect and DomainTools

Webinar: Mapping Connected Infrastructure with ThreatConnect and DomainTools

The more information you have about a potential threat, the better you can defend against it. In order to stay ahead of malicious actors, it is crucial that security teams add context and enrichment to their threat data. The combination of the DomainTools Spaces App for ThreatConnect and DomainTools Iris investigative platform empower security professionals to hunt APTs efficiently and effectively. Join Director of Product Integrations at DomainTools, Mark Kendrick and Threat Intelligence Researcher at ThreatConnect, Kyle Ehmke to learn how the same techniques can help network defenders and incident responders efficiently protect their own organizations. In addition, get an inside view into how ThreatConnect and DomainTools work together to enable thorough domain, actor and IP investigations.

Learn how DomainTools and ThreatConnect work together to:

  • Investigate domain names
  • Map connected infrastructure
  • Uncover hidden threats