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Cover of a technical report titled "Speeding Up DNSDB Queries via Parallelization, Version 1.1" by Joe St Sauvier, Ph.D., featuring a thoughtful man looking at a computer
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Speeding Up Farsight DNSDB Queries via Parallelization

Accelerate Processing of Large Numbers of Runs in Farsight DNSDB with Parallel Query Streams

It is DomainTools goal to ensure our clients have the data they need in a quick and efficient manner. While it’s possible for DomainTools Farsight DNSDB Passive DNS API users to run up to ten concurrent query streams, most tend to just make multiple queries over a single connection, which results in unnecessary delays and lower-than-possible throughput. 

In this White Paper, Distinguished Scientist Joe St Sauver shows how to use parallel query streams, resulting in query workloads completing sooner. Examples in this paper will start simply then work to explore more complex approaches using both dnsdbq and DNSDB API via Python3.