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The Business Value of Threat Intelligence with DomainTools Report
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The Value of Threat Intelligence with DomainTools: Identify Threats 82% Faster

There is an increasing chasm between the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals and the number of people needed to fill those roles. DomainTools is a vendor that seeks to address these challenges by offering context rich threat intelligence solutions. DomainTools offerings involve using indicators, including domains and IP addresses, to develop risk assessments, profile attackers, guide investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure.

Download this white paper to learn how DomainTools Threat Intelligence solutions can help empower your security teams to:

  • Identify threats 82% faster
  • Proactively identify 3x more threats
  • Reduce events by 42%
  • Lower chance of incidents by 19%
  • Improve productivity for threat investigation teams by 51%

If you prefer a visual summary, you can also access a snapshot of IDC’s research confirming the value for customers leveraging DomainTools enterprise security solutions data to identify and address potential threats.