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Passive DNS insights to show you how threats emerge and evolve over time

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A message from Ben April about DNSDB 2.0

Plug into the World’s Largest Passive DNS Intelligence Solution

The internet relies heavily on DNS, and criminals are not exempt. DNSDB exploits the fact that cyber criminals share and reuse resources.

DNSDB is a Passive DNS historical database that provides a unique, fact-based, multifaceted view of the configuration of the global Internet infrastructure. DNSDB leverages the richness of Farsight’s Security Information Exchange (SIE) data-sharing platform and is engineered and operated by leading DNS experts. And with Flexible Search, introduced in DNSDB 2.0, analysts can apply regular expressions, making this resource even more versatile and powerful.

Eliminate DNS Blind Spots

View Internet infrastructure see how adversaries have “rolled” through related domains, IP addresses and name servers to conceal their activity.

Stop Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware Earlier

Proactively defend your organization from sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

Minimize Risk

Access real-time and historical Passive DNS data to analyze and protect against emerging campaigns based on adversary patterns of infrastructure use

DNSDB Access Methods

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Accelerate Your Threat Defense Lifecycle
  • Accelerate incident research and post-breach analysis
  • Discover associations among threat actors and track and block their activity
  • Perform fact-based risk assessment of domain names and IP addresses
  • Uncover all domains using the same name server infrastructure used by a “known bad” domain
  • Reveal the IPs an adversary is using to conceal malicious activity and avoid takedowns
  • Conduct third-party audits of DNS configurations