Abstract image, red and gray colored padlocks

The DomainTools dream team has made the long, two-block pilgrimage to our new home. Our new space is situated in the heart of Belltown in a skyscraper fondly known as the Darth Vader building. Although the notion of parting with our beloved building is such sweet sorrow, our new space is a reflection of our company’s budding growth.




Our new space pays homage to the best traits of our former office – including all of the Seattle tech tropes (ping pong table, kegerator, snack shrine, espresso machine, and bean bag chairs). There are, however, a multitude of improvements including: a view of Puget Sound, enough natural light to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D, more conference rooms named after TLDs, and enough space to safely evade nerf darts.

In the words of our CEO, Tim Chen: “I’ll miss our old home, a lot of hard work and hustle happened there. If memory serves, this company was started in the founder’s basement, the first real office was a ground floor space with bars on the windows, and for the last six years we’ve been in a second floor loft. So I guess this is our George Jefferson moment, movin’ on up to a deee-luxe office in the sky. Wow, an elevator! But mostly I’m proud of our team for how far we’ve come. Nobody gave us money to go spend on a new office with beautiful views of Puget Sound, we earned it by building our business in a disciplined way and paying with money we earn by building products that make a difference for our amazing customers and partners.”



We look forward to continuing our journey in the world of cybersecurity, and we will be sure to keep you up to date as we continue to grow and evolve here at DomainTools. If you’re ever in Seattle, stop by for a beer in .EAT (okay, that one isn’t a real gTLD). And for the latest info, be sure to follow us on Twitter @DomainTools.

Photography courtesy of Anne Livingston