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So You’re Going to RSA Conference 2024?

No way, me too! This will be my second tour of duty at RSAC and I’m excited to return. In this article, we compiled some fun things to do at San Francisco and at RSAC itself.

RSAC Talks We’re Excited About

There are so many sessions we’re looking forward to at RSA 2024, but here are several that piqued our interest as we perused the RSAC website:

I Screwed Up Threat Hunting a Decade Ago and Now We’re Fixing it with PEAK

Right off the bat, the title got me. It’s so raw and honest that we have to check this out. Presented by David Biaco of Splunk, this session will delve into the creation of the Sqrrl Threat Hunting Cycle and the “screw ups” in its creation. It sounds like you’ll leave with an understanding of getting more out of the hunting program than previously thought possible.

The Evolving Role of Emojis in Investigations and Data Security

We are at the point where we can actually learn things from emojis – specifically how they can provide information behind intent and potential digital evidence to enhance investigations. This one is sure to be an interesting discussion.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Hunting Volt Typhoon Cyber Actors

We’ve talked about Volt Typhoon on the Breaking Badness Cybersecurity Podcast a few times in recent months, so this talk caught our eye. The panel consists of Sherrod DeGrippo of Microsoft, Morgan Adamski of the NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration and DOD, and Andrew Scott of CISA. They’ll explore how the US government works with the private sector to monitor and identify this activity.

Next-Gen SIEM: CrowdStrike

George Kurtz is always a must-see when speaking at a conference. As the CEO and co-founder of CrowdStrike, his vision is unparalleled. It will be interesting to see how he takes a term like “next-gen” which is overused in cybersecurity and really brings to life what SIEM can be with the CrowdStrike engine behind it.

Beyond the Pillars: The CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model in Practice

With the hype continuing around Zero Trust it will be interesting to see how Jason Garbis tackles the CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model, with its five security pillars, and the de facto way to measure Zero Trust status and progress.

Innovation Sandbox

It is always great to see what new capabilities are being spotlighted!

Dining in San Francisco During RSA

Days can be packed during RSA, as you’re likely well aware, but we all gotta eat, right? Here are a few places we recommend checking out for the experience and because the food is pretty darn good.

Little Lucca

My colleague, Corin, says this is the BEST sandwich shop in San Francisco and it’s conveniently on the way from the airport to the city (I mean, it’s on the way, why wouldn’t you stop?) But please note, it is cash only, so come prepared. Her recommendation? The Dutch Crunch bread, though be warned if you don’t flip the sandwich upside down, it will tear up your mouth, Cap’n Crunch-style.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience

Sometimes a touristy experience hits the spot. The Ghirardelli sign is gorgeous when it’s lit at night and the Earthquake is the best thing on the menu, though you may need some assistance in finishing it – perhaps this is a good team morale treat?

The Grove – Yerba Buena

With the time we’ll all spend around Moscone, this is THE place to go. They have a great breakfast menu and the BEST chai in the area. Beware though, if you’re an east coaster…the bagels may not be up to your standards.

Attractions to See in San Francisco While at RSAC

Again, we know how busy the days can be with sessions, booth demos, meet and greets, parties, and more. BUT, if you’re coming in a few days early or have a later flight out, here are some great options for things to do around SF.

The Painted Ladies

Get your Full House moment on the eastern side of Alamo Square Park and look at these iconic pastel-colored homes. BONUS, these homes are close to the slope of Steiner Street, where you can get your Mrs. Doubtfire house fix and ponder why you align more with the mom as an adult rather than Robin Williams’ character.

Coit Tower

This is a gorgeous walk/hike uphill (don’t worry, it’s a short one) with a stunning view of San Francisco on a clear day. We suggest going around noon or later after Carl* has lifted. 

  • *Carl is the name the Bay gave the ever-lingering fog that stifles the city in the mornings

Palace of the Arts

This is a great spot to walk around and have lunch. As the site of the century’s first world’s fair, the Greco-Roman rotunda and colonnades, gardens, and lagoon are sure to impress.

DomainTools at RSAC

In the North Hall, booth #6259, we’ll be hosting booth demos with our SMEs and partners, have some pretty cool giveaways (well hello original Andy Warhol painting!), and have opportunities to join our podcast, Breaking Badness. For full details, check out our events page.

Meet the DomainTools Team at RSAC

DomainTools RSAC Presentation 

Be sure to check out Taylor Wilkes-Pierce’s presentation: “From Sunrise to Sunset: Unraveling Cyber Threats in 24 Hours with DNS Data” on Wednesday, May 8 at  Taylor will walk through a 24-hour snapshot of predicted and observed threats in DNS and spotlight malicious intent in young domains.

The Breaking Badness Cybersecurity Podcast – Let’s Talk

Two of the three co-hosts of the podcast will be at RSAC and we’re excited to interview new folks! If you’re a subject matter expert and are interested in podcasting, fill out our Google Form and we’ll work together to talk in SF.

See You At RSAC 2024!

If you have recommendations on sessions, parties, or things to do in San Francisco, we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to learn more about DomainTools, be sure to check out our RSAC page and schedule a time to talk. We’ll see you soon at RSAC!