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Energy & Critical Infrastructure Security

Proactive Protection and Immediate Investigations for IT and OT Environments

Energy, utilities, and other critical infrastructure are among the highest-profile targets for disruptive activities that skirt the line of overt cyberwar. Attacks and their repercussions cross the boundary from IT (information technology) to OT (operational technology) environments. Energy companies need reliable adversary intelligence to understand and stay ahead of ongoing threats.

DomainTools delivers the next step in modern security operations.

Critical Infrastructure Remains Vulnerable.

Many of the key components of the energy grid, like ICS (industrial control systems) or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) devices, are targeted for various kinds of malicious activities. Meanwhile, the boundaries between the IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) environments are more permeable than many believe. As a result, threat actors have been assessing and exploring critical infrastructure topologies in search of various types of exploits against both IT and OT systems.

Catastrophic Damage

Successful compromise can lead to the shutdown of safety systems, damage, or even destruction of critical infrastructure.

Lack of Visibility

Security personnel need to be able to quickly investigate suspicious IP addresses and domains to learn more about the entities and actors behind them.

Why DomainTools?

Malicious activity against cyber-physical networks and ICS systems, in particular, is increasing. However, asset owners, operators, and defenders can better position themselves against such intrusions through proactive defense and enhanced visibility.

DomainTools is uniquely positioned to aid in the characterization of adversaries carrying out attacks against ICS devices and the enumeration of the assets controlled by attackers. Threat hunters and incident responders worldwide depend on DomainTools data to build better detections and defenses for adversary infrastructure intelligence.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group,

Detects malicious domains 96% faster

Identifies 83% more malicious domains up to three days earlier

*Compared with using industry-standard or open-source monitors and blocklists

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