I hit a lookup limit. What can I do about it?


I hit a lookup limit. What can I do about it?

If you have reached a lookup or usage limit, there are a number of possible reasons for this.

(1) If you hit a “Captcha” request, this is to prevent anonymous, automated, or excessive access to our tools and services. Automated “scraping” services are a violation of our Terms of Service and impact performance for everyone else. For these reasons, every so often we request the user to fill in a “Captcha” to authenticate that you are a real, live user in accordance with theTerms of Service.

(2) If you are a member, you may be hitting the look-up or service limits of your membership level. Each membership level has different volume limits for the number of searches, queries or monitors you use during a given time period. Most of our search volume limits are monthly; a few are daily. For monitor products there is a limit to the number of monitor search terms you can have active at any time. You can see a listing of all our limits on our Features & Pricing page or review your current usage on your My Account page. To increase your access limits, visit our upgrade page.

(3) If you are a guest, you may have hit the limit to the amount of times you can use a given service or product. We invest heavily in providing the best data, tools and services to our users. Paying members get access to many more products and services and get a higher level of access to all services. Consider signing up for membership.

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