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The DomainTools API is organized into distinct products with queries that follow a
RESTful URL structure wherever possible. Each product offers free, un-authenticated
access for the sample URLs listed with each product. If you haven’t already, you may
want to review the getting started document to learn
about authentication and response formats.

The Reverse IP API provides a list of domain names that share the same Internet
host (i.e. the same IP address). You can request an IP address directly, or you can
provide a domain name; if you provide a domain name, the API will respond with
the list of other domains that share the same IP.


When a domain name resolves to multiple IP addresses, the ip_addresses response
node will have several containers, each with an ip_address, domain_count and
domain_names node. Otherwise, those nodes will be included directly as children of
the ip_addresses node.

Reverse IP Parameters

Optional Parameters Value
limit Limits the size of the domain list than can appear in a response. The limit is applied per-IP address, not
for the entire request.

Use the optional limit parameter to control the size of the result list. Domains that
resolve to multiple IP addresses may return more than the limit you set if your request is
for a domain name instead of an IP address. We recommend requesting explicit IP addresses
whenever possible to avoid this uncertainty.

If the domain_count response node is greater than the count of elements in the
domain_list node, your query has been limited to only the first set of domains on
that IP address, listed alphabetically. The limit may come from your service level or
the limit parameter you set in your request.

Sample Response:

  response: {
    ip_addresses: [
        domain_count: 1,
        domain_names: ['DOMAINTOOLS.NET'],
        ip_address: ''
        domain_count: 3,
        domain_names: ['DOMAINTOOLS.COM',
        ip_address: ''

You must provide your
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to use this API.

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